Let’s Rewind

So let me set the stage… The year: 1984

Rebellion!!! Anarchy!!! Chaos, well not really just wearing our shirt tails out on our button-down Oxford shirts.

The Radio told us to “Jump”, to “Wake Me Up Before You Go”, or that we were a “Warrior”. Yet there was one song that satisfied our teenage rebellious nature and proved we could turn it up to 11 “Turn Up the Radio” by Autograph.

Fast forward to the “A Side” of our cassette of life, hard to believe thirty plus years. I had the pleasure of interviewing the founding member of Autograph, Steve Lynch. In that interview Steve discussed How the Music industry has changed. Let’s Rewind with Steve Lynch.

“When I first started recording in major studios in LA everything was done with SSL, Neve or Trident analog boards with 24 track Studer analog tape machines linked together with another to give us 48 tracks of recording. It was a much warmer sound in which I preferred. Nowadays it is mostly all digital which can make the recording process much more efficient. I still like recording with the analog method, but the digital age is what is predominantly being utilized today.” – Steve Lynch

During that discussion we had a lot to talk about including which of today’s artists would you predict will someday become a Master?

“It is hard to predict but I would say younger bands like Greta Van Fleet have a chance. The world bands I listen to like Porcupine Tree and Blackfield have established themselves on the ‘World Music Scene’ but are not accepted widely in America.” – Steve Lynch

Check out the rest of the interview here.

Ok Ok time for the Extras. I have new music for you but first…

Rob’s Top 5 with Autograph

5. All I’m Gonna Take

4. I Lost My Mind In America

3. We’re an American Band

2  Every Generation

1. Turn Up the Radio

What is your Top 5 Autograph songs? Let us know in the comments below.

Steve has a new band and is STILL producing great music with 2:22. They are hoping to get back to the studio to wrap up work on the new album.  Enjoy Alena Rae’s cover of Roxette’s you go the look!

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