Drive In Movies (Concerts)

Summer 2019:

Bands 2019 – Here is an idea, let’s start a tour playing exclusively at Drive In Movie Theaters!

Public 2019 – What are you crazy? We would never go there to see our favorite bands play.

Summer 2020:

Bands 2020 – Our next concert tour will be EXCLUSIVELY at Drive In Movie Theaters!

Public 2020 – Where do we get tickets? Are masks required? 

2 thoughts on “Drive In Movies (Concerts)

  1. Vicki says:

    Just saw Southside Johnny at a drive up concert – it was in the parking lot of Monmouth Race Track but same concept. So much fun and a great show too!

    1. robmasters says:

      So cool. Wish we all could experience the same sort of concert setting. I think the industry got caught flat footed, as we all did with this pandemic. Hope you and your family are staying healthy!


      Rob Masters
      Masters Radio


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