From The Desk Of the PD 1/20

So I was digging in a bunch of stuff I had lying on my desk. I found 15 tracks you might like. A true Masters variety. NEW music from…Hootie, Steven Tyler, Mariah Carey, Backstreet, Snoop, Ozzy, Weezer, lonestar and more. Straight from my desk to your ears 🙂

  1. Medicine Jennifer Lopez
  2. Hold On Hootie and the Blowfish
  3. Love 4 U To Like Me Silk
  4. Acquaintance
  5. Under The Graveyard Ozzy Osbourne 4:54
  6. The End Of The Game Weezer 3:00
  7. I Don't Mariah Carey
  8. Legend [Clean]
  9. Breathing Lightning Anthrax
  10. Life's About To Get Good Shania Twain
  11. Don't Go Breaking My Heart
  12. Love Is Your Name Steven Tyler
  13. Here We Go Again Lonestar
  14. Don't Change (Andrew Farriss & Kirk Pengilly) INXS
  15. Land of the Rising Sun
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