The British Invasion Rides Again With The UK Collective

The UK Collective; David Philp, Phil Hendriks, Neil Frost, and Billy Brown, are debuting their new song “Daylight Robbery” this week and we are lucky enough to have a copy before most in the States start playing the song.
Speaking from the soapbox, as I often do, I must remind everyone that if this song is played on one of the major streaming outlets like Splotify, Applette, or Pandemonium, and heard 1Million times, the band will split a whopping $1000. For our advanced math group, that is $250 a pop. I won’t bother with the Euro or Pound calculation because; 1. It is worse against a weaker dollar 2. I don’t know the current exchange rate and am too lazy to look it up, and 3. Not sure if England has completed Brexit and therefore unsure of what currency they are using. It could be sheep for all I know.
Regardless, it is a sin what these ACCOMPLISHED artists must endure. We want to make this change and hope the rest of the world is with us. 2M people reached in February should be a sign.
Lastly, it needs to be said that Masters Radio does not receive ANY compensation from the UK Collective for playing this song. Nor would we accept any. We love these guys because they GET IT! They see what we are trying to do and we love their music, period. Enjoy!
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