You may be an artist and that is so cool! However, this area of our main site is only for our Masters. The definition of a Master “Master” is a band or soloist who was first popular twenty years ago or more. Who gets chosen? Well, we have a committee that meets internal to Masters Radio to decide eligibility.

It “don’t cost nuthin'”! Our company mission statement includes the words “we will NEVER take ANY money for ANYTHING from ANY artist.” Or, something like that. Don’t quote me because the document isn’t in front of me while I’m writing this.

So, what will entry to this portion of the site do for you? We plan on having our interaction and outreach to all of the artists we are currently connected to and connected to in the future. This is also where you will get your benefits, see payment status for merch and play income, and request additional information.

Did I say benefits? Why, yes I did! We will be soon offering a benefit package part of the Artist Members tab. Included in this, to start, will be benefits artists will be able to purchase on their own and then, eventually, we will pay for, 100%, for life! These include: Healthcare Insurance, Life Insurance, NFTs, Legal Assistance, Management Assistance, Investment Advice and Management, and the ability to control your merch/tickets/music sales.

So, what does Masters Radio make from all of the benefits services? Almost nothing. We plan on taking a much lower percentage on sales of merch/tickets/music sales than ANY other music related company. Our goal is to provide a much larger share to you of the subscription income too. For now, we can’t pay for everybody’s benefits. We aren’t earning revenue yet. We plan on earning a LOT of revenue soon. We also promise to be as transparent as we can with all of our artists.

The future is bright for Masters Radio. Part of the long range plan, besides the cool stuff I mentioned before, is that we will hold live events, sponsor monthly musician in residences, and provide recording sessions for free. Stay tuned for this and many more things to come.

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