The Avalanches’ New Song Is Heavenly – Raven

The Avalanches’ ‘The Divine Chord’ is an atmospheric, genre-bending adventure that invites listeners to lose themselves in its vibrant soundscape. Its dream-like ambiance is created by a bed of swirling synths and vibrant samples from the band’s extensive collection. Anchored by solid production and clever sampling, the track takes listeners on a transcendent journey that fuses elements of hip-hop, electronica and psychedelia. Lyrically, the song speaks of our deep connection to music as an expression of joy and healing. It paints a vivid picture of an idyllic world where we can be free from our woes and find peace in the sounds we love. With its uplifting lyrics, innovative production and hypnotic energy, ‘The Divine Chord’ provides a unique listening experience that resonates long after the last note fades away.