It is hard to find that personal connection with artists and fans. Some artists are better at it than others. Then, they have to sort through a bunch of stuff they get every day and may not be able to connect with you directly.

Our offering in this area is the chance for you to have a personal message recorded for you. Of course, time is money and a lot of artists don’t make that much money. We only ask that you pay for the chance to have this message recorded for you.

The message content has to be agreed upon by the artist before they will accept your request. You can’t ask them to say anything naughty, or racist, or political, or controversial, or conspiratorial, or about somebody else’s mother. We DO have SOME standards, plus we have to answer to our own mothers about what happens on Masters Radio. It makes holidays awkward when we have to talk about those things. For the artists too. Stay tuned for more information.

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