Russell Keefe Renames Masters Radio “WeloveTBellyradio”


We love it when artists put up with our BS and get into the interview enough to let loose a little. Recently, we got the chance to interview Russell Keefe (Slade, TBelly) with our stupid ten questions.

Rob – After several years, we are excited to get the chance to do this interview with you RK. We’ve read a bunch of background and past interviews you have done. So, to start off and make you feel comfortable, what is your favorite color?

Russell – Red is the color, football is the game. Big Man Utd supporter so absolutely not Blue.

Rob – We tend to mention one song or one genre of music when we think of an artist (which we HATE). Sorry to ask it, but if we had to write one title or a type of music to describe you, what would it be? Oh, and you can’t use the word Blues.

Russell – You are right it is a question that is very difficult to answer. Its bit like choosing a band name, they all sound terrible until you get used to them.
So, with that in mind if I was labelled “Soulful Rock” that wouldn’t be too bad.

Rob – TBelly, your solo project, has given us some great music that we have had on the Masters Radio stream. Are there any plans to release more music with the group?

Russell – At the moment there isn’t. The latest album “I Never Want to See Me Again” only came out last October so I am still getting over the stress of getting that finished during Covid. We are also just starting to play some gigs to push that album which I am very excited about. The band sound amazing.

Rob – I’m going to give you one wish and the chance to change the music industry. What would it be?

Russell – Pay musicians more for streaming. It’s appalling how little we get paid per play. Unfortunately, it is something that we feel we have to do, although I am reconsidering that position. People want great music and that costs plenty of money. It’s especially hard if you are self-financed like I am.

Rob – We have known each other through Masters Radio. I have been honored that you have been a part of our music family, whether you’d admit it in public or not, for the past few years. As a follow-up to my last question, what would you add to Masters Radio that you would want to see?

Russell – If you could change the name to “WeloveTBellyradio” that would be fab.

Rob – You know that we are never serious and often irreverent. We never try to insult artists with our nonsense. However, there are enough interviews where you are asked “what were you thinking when you wrote this song?” So, let’s do something different. Without taking more than a few minutes or thinking too much, give us the first line of a new song.

Russell – “Her name is Tanya” This is literally the only new line I have at the moment. If anyone can tell me what it means I would be very grateful.

Rob – People try to put Blues artists in a certain area or identify them as being just “this.” R&B music today sounds NOTHING like pure Blues music. Is there a title that you would use when describing your music?

Russell – British R&B probably comes close enough but again it is very difficult to put one in any particular box.

Rob – You have written great music over the years. Now, not to take away from your performance of this music, who would you like to see perform a Russell Keefe song?

Russell – K-pop band BTS. They sell a lot of records.

Rob – In researching musicians and bands, we have found TONS of people AND music that we would have never known about before. Masters Radio only plays new music from artists first popular twenty years ago or more. Who have we forgotten that you would recommend to our listeners?

Russell – Yoko Ono

Rob – For once and for all, could you put to rest the rumors that you are not Steve Cropper with a wig?

Russell – I can neither confirm nor deny such a terrible rumor. Especially for the poor wig.

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