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Check out Gavin’s latest review of the Counting Crows Elevator Boots.

Butter Miracle, Suite OneElevator Boots is another great single from the legends Counting Crows. Their latest album release Butter Miracle Suite One, came out earlier in May and deserves a spotlight.

What do you want to hear when listening to the new Counting Crows album? Acoustic guitar, symphonies, a classic folk sound? Elevator Boots delivers on all of these aspects and more. When it starts, you’re immediately hit with mature sounding vocals from Adam Duritz. This is something I didn’t expect, especially as a fan of their older albums like This Desert Life and August and Everything After. It still sounds great and the single as a whole is a great example of maturing and mastering a sound. Hey. You. Counting Crows fans! You’re really going to enjoy this single and album. It’s fan service at it’s finest.

Come to expect piano driven melodies with electric and acoustic guitar to back. There are a few moments of pure emotion that really makes the song special. The song fumbles and ends abruptly. Obviously this continues onto the next track, Angel of 14th Street, which is something I love on a record. Creating a more fluid listening experience is something we need more nowadays. This single charted pretty well on the May Top 100, and honestly it deserves a higher place.

On the Masters Scale, we’re giving this a 9/10.

Can’t help but feel nostalgic when listening to the new single and the rest of the record. Old and new Crow fans are going to love this new hit! Get your friends into them too so you can see them live later this year.

-Gavin Masters

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