Neil Frost Heats Up With Masters Radio

Ten Questions With Neil Frost

We have made an effort lately to bring you more interviews with friends from the music industry. We can tell you that there are five more interviews coming and a dozen more planned! They all will be spread out over the next few months and we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do putting them together.

This interview is with Neil Frost who had toiled in the music industry for most of his life only to finally be recognized for the artist he’s been all along. Great.

Rob – Friendships are formed for various reasons in varied situations in our current world. Our relationship is one where we never have shaken hands and yet there is a definite friendship between us. How many of your current friendships are digital and formed with people you have never met in person?

Neil – Yes, the world has changed a lot from when I was a boy. There is a digital exchange these days in many aspects. Friendships, work, services etc. i.e., my latest single release ‘Travis’ needed art and I literally told a guy halfway across the world what I wanted late on Friday night and by the morning it was done.

I made a lot of digital friends over the course of the last couple of years and they are great people and great musicians that I will keep contact with………….by force if necessary.

Rob – You’ve been a great supporter of Masters Radio, mainly because we believe that there is a music revolution about to happen. One where the PEOPLE decide what is popular and not what the industry tells them is popular. How has your relationship with the industry formed over the past few years?

Neil – Thank goodness for independent radio! They give artists a chance based on the quality of the music and not directed by prejudice of age, coolness or fitting in with the current trend of regurgitated music that the big stations put on loop.

Rob – If I asked a person on the street if they have heard of; Elton John, Bono, or Neil Frost, who of the three would you think they would draw a blank on?

Neil – Well I asked a guy in my hometown this very Question. He said he knew Elton John and me, but thought Bono was a brand of dog food. Fame is fickle, eh?

Rob – We have connected with you almost like how I met my wife, a blind date. I hadn’t heard of her until friends introduced us. In both instances, we are glad for the “set up.” How have your musician friends evolved over the past five years?

Neil – I have been lucky to meet and work with some great musicians during the production of Dreamers. A couple of my good friends in the UK were involved in guest spots on the original album that I produced. Namely the fabulous Steve Dodds, Steve Forward, Toby Boyle, all great guitarists, and all invited to add to the record with their own style.

The project then developed further when a producer friend of mine (5aint) offered to mix the album. This transpired into us reviewing the arrangements and involving more top musicians who liked the sound, such as, Johnny Rabb (Collective Soul) and Mike Pratt (Bass) and Mastering Master John Cuniberti. Then from singles hitting the radio I made another set of close friends and we recorded together as………wait for it! Yes, The UK collective! But you know this Rob as you have been playing it!

Good man 🙂

More recently I have been working with David Philp which has been an incredible experience.

We all communicate A LOT on our what’s ap group (Billy Brown, Phil Hendriks, David Philp, Grant Hill)….Top guys.

Rob – If somebody dropped into this conversation from outside of our connected group, they might think “Jeez Rob, why so cruel?” You know that these questions come from a place where we want the world to realize what a talent you are. So, FINALLY, five questions into our interview, tell us about how you got started.

Neil – My Dad started me off on the guitar aged seven. He was adamant that if my brothers and I agreed to his lessons, we would have to practice every night for 15 minutes then 30 etc. Luckily, I got the bug in my teens and then I wanted to play every opportunity that I got.

I still remember though the odd occasion where we would be playing football or up to mischief and our dad coming out and announcing, “it’s practice time” Grrrr

Got to say though, I am pleased he did.

Rob – Yes, we are biased. We admit it freely. Your album is one of the best of the year. Tell us how it came together.

Neil – Thank you so much Rob. It came out like a torrent in lockdown. I would get up fresh, not jaded, and tired from work and spill it out. I would be rocking out in my little utility room space and sometimes see neighbors gawking through my window wondering what the hell was going on! I remember one old woman standing bemused as I shrieked out ‘I’m Hit!

Rob – There is a joke that came from some comedian where someone asked how they got to be famous and so loved. Their answer was “Famous? I’m not even the most popular person in my own family!” Your music has gotten a ton of play on Masters Radio, thus the bias. Where else have you had a lot of positive reaction?

Neil – My mum.

Rob – Now that music venues are opening back up, are there any plans for you to tour? I’m sure that David Philp has a cot in his house, so California could be an option.

Neil – Ha ha ha, Yeah, I would love to. I will put a great band together if I get an offer to open for a major band. I am not sure that I want to go back into the promo circuit. I’ve done that gig many times.

Rob – There are a bunch of new songs coming out. Did your experience in LOCKDOWN give you the opportunity to create?

Neil – Yeah, I still have a lot of sketches that I need to get around to and record. The trouble is that I like to write in the moment and don’t really like going backward to previous ideas.

Rob – Finally, if you had a chance to go back to any point in your career, what would you change? AND how do you think it would have affected where you are now?

Neil – Yes, I would have found a cure to my spotty face when I was 20 and become an international rock star.

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