The Beatles Now And Then – Raven

“Now and Then” is an absolute musical treasure that showcases the enduring brilliance of The Beatles. This album is a nostalgic journey through the band’s evolution, a delightful celebration of their timeless music. The Beatles’ harmonious vocals in the song are as captivating as ever.

The production quality on this album is superb, breathing new life into classic tracks and delivering a fresh perspective. “Now and Then” was made possible by technology Peter Jackson used on the documentary series “Get Back.”
The inclusion of previously unreleased tracks and alternate versions adds a delightful surprise for die-hard fans. The remastered audio makes the music feel fresh and vibrant, ensuring that it appeals to both new and longtime fans.

“Now and Then” is a delightful gift from the past that reaffirms The Beatles’ status as one of the greatest bands in the history of music. It’s a must-listen for anyone who appreciates timeless, iconic music. We give it a ten out of ten, two thumbs up, a golden buzzer, and DEFINITELY RAVEN APPROVED.