The Smashing Pumpkins Are Beguiled – Raven

Smashing Pumpkins’ track “Beguiled” is an emotional and stirring exploration of love and loss. With its ethereal vocals, evocative instrumentation, and expansive soundscapes, this 10-minute track will fill your heart with nostalgia. It’s no surprise why this alternative rock band has been around for the last three decades!

Since 1991 the Smashing Pumpkins have released 11 studio albums –– their latest being the critically acclaimed “Cyr” in 2020. Led by frontman Billy Corgan they’ve pushed the boundaries of rock music with their artful blend of psychedelic elements and hard rocking riffs. Their discography also includes numerous classic singles such as “1979,” “Today,” and “Zero.” And now with “Beguiled,” it seems that the band still has plenty more to offer to their ever growing fan base.

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