Uriah Heep Gives Us A Heap New Music – Raven

Uriah Heep’s track “Save Me Tonight” is a powerful and uplifting tale of resilience and hope. With its soulful vocals, driving rhythm section, and hard rocking riffs, this 10-minute epic will have your feet tapping along in no time. It’s no surprise why this progressive rock band has been around for the last five decades!

Uriah Heep formed in 1969 and quickly rose to fame with their classic albums such as “Demons and Wizards” (1972) and “Look at Yourself” (1971). Ever since then they’ve released 23 studio albums that blended elements of hard rock, blues, psychedelic rock, prog rock, and folk music together –– creating a unique sound that captivated audiences around the world. In 2004 they were inducted into the Hall of Heavy Metal History for their contribution to the genre –– making them one of the most successful acts to ever grace the stage. Now with their timeless single “Save Me Tonight,” it seems that Uriah Heep still has plenty more to offer!