Executive Summary

Masters Radio is an innovative digital music platform focusing on new music from artists who gained popularity over twenty years ago. With a database of over 3000 artists and bands, the company offers a unique streaming service accessible globally, aiming to disrupt the current digital music model by increasing artists’ revenue share and keeping subscription costs low.

Market Analysis

The global music streaming market is projected to reach a revenue of $25.84 billion in 2023, with a CAGR of 14.4% to 15.10%. Masters Radio has a proven track record with over 300 million content views and a potential reach of 3.5 million, positioning it well within this growing market.

Products and Services Overview

Masters Radio offers digital content including music, interviews, live events, and fan engagement opportunities. The company has identified four revenue streams: advertising, subscriptions, benefits, and event/merchandise/investment revenue.

The marketing strategy includes leveraging the founders’ business connections on LinkedIn and a conservative approach to market share targets. The company plans to use contracted Digital Media ad sales professionals and engage a professional subscription marketing agency to ensure capture of revenue targets. 

Marketing Strategy

Sales Strategy

The sales strategy focuses on above industry standard commission-based sales for advertising. Our costs for access to millions each month well below industry average and we offer both creation and distribution of digital media content providing a single vendor solution.  The company has a detailed sales plan with projected customer acquisition and revenue.

Financial Projections

Masters Radio has a conservative first-year revenue target of $7 million, with multiple revenue streams contributing to this goal. The company has a solid financial plan which focused on profitability right from the start.  There are three cases below showing a half-way goal, just under $4 million, as well as a dramatically increased stretch goal of almost $80M in the other cases’ two year projections.  Note that there are no months without profit due to a careful control of costs once the plan begins.  Also leaning toward conservative numbers, we determined a “likely addressable market” as opposed to a total addressable market by selecting among the four most likely ad buying business sectors (Corporate ad buyers, Artists & management, Venues, Marketing Providers) those to which the company founders have LinkedIn connections. That number is just under 22,000.

Case 1 - Good

Case1 Graph:Year 1
Case1 Graph:Year 2
Year 1
Year 2
Total Revenue
Total Expenses

Case 2 - Better

Year 1
Year 2
Total Revenue
Total Expenses

In addition to the forecast growth in the table above, we add senior level advertising in Month 5 and subscriber management staff in month 10 and 2 junior ad sales reps. We also start a $3M fund with 20% of revenue. 1/2 for any initial investors and 1/2 for the artist fund for just under $2.5M total.

Case 3 - Best

Case3 Graph:Year 1
Case3 Graph:Year 2
Year 1
Year 2
Total Revenue
Total Expenses

In case three we can fulfill our promise to up to 1000 artists to pay their stipend of $25k and their healthcare benefits for the rest of their lives. It’s estimated this would take between $3 and $5M of the Investor/Artist pool (which is separate from profit)

Investment Terms

Masters Radio is offering $500 shares sold in batches of 100 shares until $500,000 is raised. Upon the company earning $1M in revenue, each share will be redeemed for $1500.

Use of Proceeds

The proceeds from the private placement will be used to fund the growth strategies outlined in the business plan, including marketing, sales, product development, and operational expenses.

Risk Factors

Investing in Masters Radio involves risks, including market conditions, competition, and reliance on the continued popularity of the artists featured on the platform; though some of that is offset by the benefits revenue stream.  Also as there’s no equity in this offer, investors can’t liquidate assets to offset losses. 

The Leadership Team

Your Next Steps

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Step 2 - Review what we send you

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