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Steve Lynch, Autograph guitar virtuoso, talked with us about the changes in the music industry he’s seen in his storied career.

Steve Lynch
Steve Lynch

Rob How is recording your music changed from the first time you ever were in the recording studio?

Steve When I first started recording in major studios in LA everything was done with SSL, Neve or Trident analog boards with 24 track Studer analog tape machines linked together with another to give us 48 tracks of recording. It was a much warmer sound in which I preferred. Nowadays it is mostly all digital which can make the recording process much more efficient. I still like recording with the analog method but the digital age is what’s predominantly being utilized today.

Rob What would you change about the music industry?

Steve The record companies are all about profit and ignore genres of music that don’t allow maximum earnings. Unfortunately, we have to wait until rock comes back around again as mainstream. This will happen again in time as all genres of music does, it’s just difficult to predict when that will happen.

Rob Many articles have been written about how little artists earn for their music. How have you changed your approach to releasing your music because of this?

Steve Recorded music is almost impossible to make a sustainable income. This is because of free downloads. The only way to make a reasonable income is from live shows and merchandise.

Rob If you were given a chance to do anything different during your career, what would it be?

Steve I would have written more for movie and TV to make a reasonable profit. Other than that I feel fortunate for everything else has occurred and the decisions I’ve made.

Rob We are called Masters Radio because we believe that our community recognizes that artists today will be considered the Masters of their time in centuries to come. Are there artists from when you first started that you would consider a Master that never got the recognition they deserved?

Steve There are many…some are the best bands you’ve never heard of, like the Headpins out of Canada. There are also several bands around the globe who are really unique but are more popular among the ‘World Music Scene’ rather than America. This is where I plan to concentrate more of my future writings towards.

Rob Which of today’s artists would you predict will someday become a Master?

Steve It’s hard to predict but I would say younger bands like Greta Van Fleet have a chance. The world bands I listen to like Porcupine Tree and Blackfield have established themselves on the ‘World Music Scene’ but are not accepted widely in America.

Rob How have today’s crowds that you play to changed?

Steve They are older…lol!! Like we are! But there is also a lot of younger fans that love the 80’s Music because it was the last decade that had sing-along melodies. It was the 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s that had that positive message in their songs.

Rob If you could play with any other artist, who would it be?

Steve It would probably be someone like Porcupine Tree or Blackfield because they experiment more and there’s no limits to what they aspire to. Like Pink Floyd was back in the 70’s. I wish people would write what they feel rather than write for commercial purposes. What I think has been lost to a certain degree is emotion…and that’s a shame.

Rob Do you find the “new access” to music via streaming, downloading, or file sharing has hurt you or helped you as an artist?

Steve It helps for promotional purposes but not monetarily.

Rob What type of music would you like to play that you have never tried before?

Steve Purely experimental, where there are no restrictions and your writing and recording just what you feel inside. It has been more of my direction recently and I will continue on that way. Let’s bring back the ART in Music.


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