Conspiracy By The Rentals, Or Is It Somebody Else?


What a perfect song for 2020. This is the song “Conspiracy” by The Rentals. For those that aren’t familiar with the group, here is a great write-up from that bastion of information, Wikipedia.

“The Rentals are an American rock band fronted by vocalist Matt Sharp, best known as the former bassist for Weezer.[1] Sharp has been the only consistent member since the group’s inception. The band’s best selling single is “Friends of P” (1995). The Rentals released two albums, Return of the Rentals (1995) and Seven More Minutes (1999) on Maverick Records before quietly splitting in 1999 following a world tour. The group reformed in 2005 and have since released several EPs and two more full-length albums, Lost in Alphaville and Q36. Lost in Alphaville released August 26, 2014, on Polyvinyl Records. Q36 was released June 26, 2020.”

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