Neil Frost Gets Called Up To The Show

In the States, Minor League Baseball players call getting a chance to play for a professional baseball team in the MLB, going to “The Show.”

Neil Frost sent us his new song that he is releasing and, once again, he knocked it out of the park.(pun intended)

We get a chance to hear at least 100 new songs a week in setting up our monthly rotation for our stream  and to add to our website content. There are some great tunes and some not so great tunes. In fact, your tone deaf uncle singing Happy Birthday at your nana’s party would sound better. This song by Frosty, as we affectionately call him, is one of the great ones.

Sometimes in the music industry, we come upon artists that are fantastic for which the music Gods didn’t smile upon them as much as they should have. Neil Frost is one of these people. In fact, if you “Google” Neil, the first hit you’ll get is a realtor in Virginia. Life isn’t fair and we believe that Neil should be a household name. Our efforts may not make that a reality, but we won’t stop trying because for the songs of Neil Frost, you shouldn’t stop listening. Period.

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