It’s WILD To Hear The Black Keys

Hear the Black Keys' 'Wild Child' From New 'Dropout Boogie' LPThe Black Keys are a sound unlike any other. (Shout out to The Masters tournament last weekend) They have a beat that goes against what we are used to hearing in rock, jazz, alternative, or just beating on your desk while listening. Personally, I LOVE to hear the different rhythms from them. Wild Child doesn’t disappoint.

Besides being a great song, the video for it is fantastic! Don’t you miss watching videos on those “music” TV channels? Everything today is at your fingertips if you want to see it. Thirty years ago, we waited for the newest video to be released on one of those channels. Anticipation is a word unrecognized in today’s world. Sorry Heinz and Carly, nobody wants to wait anymore.

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