The Connells Without Roseanne

Really Great | The Connells

No, you idiot. It’s not THE CONNORS. It’s THE CONNELLS. That is unless the band had a member called Roseanne who isn’t with them anymore. I don’t think that is the case.

I’ve been waiting to write all month about this new song by The Connells because it is “Really Great!” No, I know I say all the time “this song is REALLY GREAT.” This time, it IS “Really Great.” Its the name of the song. What is the name you may ask? Really Great I would say. Then, everybody will say “SHUT UP AND STOP DOING AN ABBOTT AND COSTELLO BIT.” For the youngsters in the group. A and C did a bit about WHO’S ON FIRST. They wanted the name of the first baseman. It was Who. No that was the name of the first baseman, Who. Never mind.

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