We Hear Egan’s Dreams. Is That Weird?

Over the past couple of years, since we started Masters Radio, we have made thousands of friends from bands and the artists we promote. There are some folks that have stayed with us from day one. There is one man in particular who has been there for the long haul, Walter Egan. This man promotes us. He talks to other artists about what we are doing. He gets it. So, when he comes out with a new song, we promote it, hard.

Over the past week, Walter has released the song “Dreams” and we asked him some of the history and reason behind the release.

Rob – Hey Walter! Love the new song and wanted to let everyone know it was out. Can you tell us a little about the release?

Walter –  Well alright Rob! Surprisingly had always been a favorite of mine and I had started adding it to my live set, as i had done with Go Your Own Way. I had previously been performing Sister of the Moon back in ’77 but when Lindsey heard us running it down in the studio (it was slated as the climactic song for Not Shy, he made an executive producer decision that it shouldn’t be – that’s when I wrote Hot Summer Nights.) She’s one of my favorite songwriters as well as being the muse of my heart and soul.

We will call this our ONE question interview:) Thanks Walter for always being there. I’ll buy you that drink sometime soon!

Here is the song “Dreams” from Walter Egan;

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