They’ve Got A Fever Cause They’re Hot

When I say “I got a fever, for more cowbell.” What comes to mind? Yeah, Christopher Walken’s famous SNL skit. So, what does it have to do with “Ain’t the Same”, the new song by 98 Degrees?  Absolutely nothing. I just was writing about this new song by the band, which is on our stream and the video you can see on the site, and that skit jumped into my mind.

For a lot of you, 98 Degrees are those young guys in that boy band. You’re old. Yes, I’m old too. Okay, THEY are now getting older. It doesn’t mean they don’t still bring it. Also, this is Brett Kissel’s song really and the boys are an added treat.

BTW fun fact. We have fifteen songs in our database that have the word “Ain’t” in the title.

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