He’s The Boss Of The Night Shift

The Boss. Bruuuuce. It isn’t often that when one name is mentioned EVERYONE knows who you are talking about. Bruce Springsteen is one of these people.

When artists cover other artists songs, it always makes me stop and listen. We have become accustomed to hearing encores during concerts include a song or two that belongs to another band or singer. A whole album of these is wonderful.

Springsteen is releasing “Only the Strong Survive” in November and has released the cover of the Commodore’s hit “Night Shift.” This is one of my FAVORITE songs, especially with the acapella harmony at the end in the original.

1 thought on “He’s The Boss Of The Night Shift

  1. PauletteRyan says:

    Fantastic as always! I love it!!! ♥️♥️♥️


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