He’s Not The Lonesome Loser To Us, He’s Just Beeb

Hey fans, we just did an interview with the great Beeb Birtles of the ORIGINAL Little River Band. He is such a nice person. Haven’t met too many people that haven’t been nice to work with…yet. We are just on a hot streak with nice people. They’re nice, I’m nice, we’re all nice, isn’t that nice?

People ask me “Rob, how do you get to interview such cool people?” My first answer is “Does anybody else hear that voice or is it just in my head?” My second answer (if that voice is real) is I ask and say please. Or, like Bryan Adams and the questions I haven’t gotten answers to back yet after three months “PLEASE SEND YOUR ANSWERS BACK!!!!!”

You can read the full interview here: https://mastersradio.com/he-is-the-original-beeber-birtles-from-the-original-little-river-band/

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