We Are Waiting On New Interviews…Hint, Hint, Hint

A few months back, we had sent interview questions to Bryan Adams and are still waiting for his schedule to calm down and get the answers back to us. If you know Bryan, please remind him that we are waiting.

We talked with Sammy Hagar’s son and his management about an interview. His son said “Dad would really like your company.” His management said that he was “slowing down and may not have time.” THIS is why we like talking to artists directly. It feels like when you would go over to your friends house, his mom answered the door and said “Sammy can’t come out because he’s tired from playing.”

Lastly, we are waiting on the answers to come back from another interview that we lined up with Derek Brown from The Flaming Lips. Everyone’s busy and we are okay with that. Still, if you know any of these folks, drop them a note and tell them you want them to do the interview. It don’t cost nuthin’

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