Revolution Saints Are What We Are Missing On The Radio

We sometimes plan what we will feature on our daily blog for Masters Radio. Then, we learn that our friend Joel Hoekstra has joined two guys we WANT to be friends with, Deen Castronovo and Jeff Pilson, at Revolution Saints and releases this gem. The song is called “Eagle Flight” and it soars far above other “music” we hear on our daily commute.

Also, there are a handful of people that we have tried to line up for an interview. There are a bunch coming and we are excited about those, don’t get us wrong. However, Deen Castronovo is a person we have tried repeatedly to get ten answers out of this year. We won’t be ignored Deen! We won’t threaten you or cause a scene. Yet, we aren’t opposed to stomping our feet and holding our breath!!! Ten questions aren’t that hard to answer. It’ll be painless and fun. Ask Hoekstra. HE did an interview with us when we were nobody’s. Okay…more nobody’s than today.

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