Better Get Out The Hip Waders With Midnight Oil

Rising Seas by Midnight Oil (Single, Alternative Rock): Reviews, Ratings,  Credits, Song list - Rate Your MusicThe argument shouldn’t be whether our earthly inhabitants cause global Climate Change or if it is naturally caused. The fact of the matter is that it is happening. So many people like to try and justify fossil fuels or the production of vast amounts of carbon dioxide released by manufacturing and concrete production. It is happening, those who argue can be sit by and watch it happen or they can get onboard with trying to fix it.

Midnight Oil, an always climate conscious band, has released the song “Rising Seas.” This song calls attention to how we are KILLING OUR PLANET. We know who the largest producers of carbon dioxide countries are. There are more people who want to change our ways than there are those who don’t. The problem is the people who don’t have most of the money. We only change this by coming together. Let this song be a catalyst for change.

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