Angels And Airwaves Are Out Of This World


See what I did there? Get it? Out of This World? Never mind. You probably don’t believe in aliens or UFO’s either. The new song “Automatic” by Angels & Airwaves from their newest album is great. I know, I say that with every song I play for you. THIS time, I mean it.

The album “Lifeforms” deserved a Grammy. I think I’m going to write a letter to the voters and tell them how they missed it with this album. There aren’t many albums you can put on repeat and just love every song. This is one of those ones we love. You will too.

Wait, I get it. LIFEFORMS = ALIENS! They’re here. Just watch ANY of the Men In Black movies and you’ll see what I mean. Did you know that Close Encounters was based on real events? No? Well then you haven’t been watching Ancient Aliens lately. Shout out to Travis, Nick, Georgio, and the rest of the gang. We believe!

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