Macy Gray Says Not Just Tonight

Every Night - Single by Macy Gray, The California Jet Club, Maino | Spotify

Macy Gray’s voice harkens back to early blues singers, or at least that is what it reminds me of. Today, she would be in the category of R&B. Just like Rock music, Blues music has taken on a whole new identity that spans many different types. If there was a music spectrum for R&B music, then Macy would be heavily on the BLUES side.

Her newest song, Every Night, takes us once again into her sultry world of expression. Macy is a well known artist to many. Younger fans may not be familiar with her music and style. Hopefully, she will continue to record so that her talent is appreciated even more by new and old fans. The interesting thing is that this song was part of the new American Song contest. So, those new fans now may be counted.

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