Hey Ian Hunter, Look Behind You!

30 years ago, I worked with a guy named Tom at a mid-size company located in Washington, DC. I didn’t know Tom’s last name when we sat next to each other at a company lunch and struck up a conversation. We talked about general stuff and started trading stories. Somehow we talked about famous people we had met. Tom’s turn came and he said “I played guitar once with Ringo Starr on drums.” I was shocked asking how? Tom said that his brother asked him to join them on stage and of COURSE I asked who his brother was. Another colleague said “you know what Tom’s last name is don’t you?” I didn’t and Tom said “Lofgren.” He is the brother of Nils Lofgren and a fantastic guitar player in his own right. Nils was on the Ringo All Starr Band tour and needless to say NONE of my “cool meets” could top playing with a Beatle.

Fast forward to our stream right now and the great Ian Hunter having a chance to turn around and see that same Beatle, Ringo, on the kit. Enjoy.

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