Who’s Lady Is This?

Marianas Trench Frontman Drops 'Lady Mine' With Chad Kroeger

We play myriad artists and include duets with new artists like Josh Ramsay and established artists like Chad Kroeger. Their newest song “Lady Mine” freakin’ rocks! For those of you who want to “Nickelback Shame” you need to sit down and STFU. Somewhere, somebody thought it was a funny joke to rag on Nickelback. Their songs are great and if you don’t agree then you are a ninny boo boo head. Great rhythms, great lyrics, fantastic singing, and awesome musicianship. What’s not to like? Plus, those who criticize probably couldn’t write or sing/play a hit song EVER!!

I have only just become aware of Josh Ramsay. Sorry Josh, I listen to a LOT of music. You’re good. You’re damn good. I hope you are around awhile. Also, go tell Gene Simmons that ROCK is NOT DEAD! Idiot in clown makeup. Doesn’t music have enough problems without eating our own? I heard the circus is missing a clown. Maybe they need to call Gene.


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