Welcome To The Garden, Dinosaur Jr.

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“Garden” is the newest release by Dinosaur Jr. I have never been sure who Dinosaur Sr. is? But I digress. In looking at the album cover for their album “Sweep It Into Space”, one may wonder “what the hell am I looking at?” We are here to tell you the answer. We don’t know. Who cares? This song is just great. More of this please.

For those who aren’t aware of the band. Where have you been? They may be called alternative rock, but we would just label them as a good band. Too many labels. Everything has to fit into a little box. Why? Thanks FM! I wish there was a place where we could listen to a music stream that includes all genres of music. What? There is? Does the place rhyme with “Fasters Daddio??? LISTEN TO MASTERS RADIO STREAM!!! OR ELSE!!!

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